Tong Long Kung Fu

Brisbane Kung Fu School.
Learn Self Defence, shock power & iron jacket.
Develop strength, confidence, and spirit.
Beginners welcome.


Jeremy started Martial Arts at the age of 12 when his parents took him to Tae Kwon Do classes and immediately fell in love with the ideal of self improvement through martial training, and the value of disciplined practice.

Studying Shotokan karate in his late teens, Jeremy learned quickly and was recognised at the state level for Kata and Kumite soon after commencing his martial arts journey. After leaving Karate for Aikido in his early 20s. Jeremy was the 1st Australian to be graded at the Shodan level for Takemusu Kia Aikido by Sensei George Eaton (8th Dan).

Injury in 1995 forced Jeremy to take a break from Aikido and it was in this time of his life, he met Sifu Paul Brennan.

Sifu Brennan using ancient Chinese medicine “Dit Dar” treated Jeremy’s injury. Soon after, Jeremy was invited to train. Witnessing Sifu Brenan’s marital arts skill and the power of tong long, he made the decision to dedicate himself to Chow Gar Tong Long Pai and follow Sifu Paul Brennan.

In 2002, Jeremy was awarded the 10th level certificate, this along with his two kung fu brothers – Sifu Steven Parrella, and Sifu Arthur Castrisios are the highest ranked students in Tong Long in Australia, after their Master Sifu Paul Brennan.

In 2003 Jeremy opened a school in Sydney and introduced many new students to the unique authentic training tong long system. 5 years later, after handing over the Sydney school to his most dedicated student Victor Hulewicz, Jeremy returned to Brisbane to complete his Master levels under the careful guidance of Sifu Brennan.

In 2012 Sifu’s Jeremy, Steven and Arthur were awarded the title of Sifu, for all of their many years of dedication to the tong long system.

In 2015 Sifu’s Jeremy, Steven and Arthur were honoured by the grand Master Ng Si Kay who bestowed a special flag to each for thier 20 years of service to Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu.